OBE helps regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs) and national communities implement effective and interoperable open solutions based on jurisdiction neutral technology frameworks.

Our collaborative environment, enables market players to come together, exchange experiences and solve problems via guidance, standards and tools, turning vision into operational reality.

Unparalleled Industry knowledge & proven Track Record

OBE builds upon experiences gained and lessons learnt, enabling open and secure ecosystems to be developed across the globe.


OBE leverages the wealth of experience and past achievements of Open Banking Europe.


OBE maintains a neutral position in the market via trusted networks and relationships across the globe.

Market Experts

Experience working with central banks and regulatory authorities in the context of market infrastructure development and operations.

Community Led

Proven expertise in managing cross-industry, multi-stakeholder working groups with design decisions made with stakeholder agreement.

What Sets us apart

Deep understanding of the open banking and open finance global landscape.
Proven track record in guiding nations to adopt various open finance standards and best practices.
Unparalleled industry knowledge and consultancy expertise.
Community of 500+ partners and customers.
Well-placed to advise governments on how to create a successful open banking blueprint.
Passion to help people by increasing competition in the financial sector and promoting financial.

Why We
Are Trusted

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