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Open Banking Exchange Asia is a local community designed to facilitate learning, collaboration and discussion on open banking and open finance topics.

Our Vision

By bringing market players together to provide a collaborative environment for exchanging experiences and solving problems via guidance, standards and tools, we turn vision into operational reality.

Through global relationships with strategic partners, we connect financial institutions bringing together market players to work together.

We help regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs) and national communities implement effective and interoperable open solutions based on jurisdiction neutral technology frameworks.

OBE is a global movement for industry stakeholders supplying open banking, open finance and open data services.

“If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together.”

– African Proverb


OBE leverages the wealth of experience and past achievements of Open Banking Europe


OBE maintains a neutral position in the market via trusted networks and relationships across the globe

Community Led

Design decisions made by consensus, with stakeholder agreement and priorities obtained prior to production or execution

Market Experts

Our SMEs, specialising in regulation and international standards, are well- connected within the ecosystem

How we operate

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) is made up of a series of national and regional membership programmes designed to help each community find practical solutions to issues relating to open banking and open finance.

It was created to leverage the past achievement and know-how gathered by OBE in Europe.

Members are invited to maintain a forum of discussion and knowledge by sharing potential problems and experiences to enable the wider community to adapt to their regulatory obligations.

Working group dialogue is promoted through participation in training and education.

By joining an OBE Membership Programme, you’ll have access to all of the latest information regarding open banking and open finance.

You will be able to participate in our forums, contribute to our whitepapers and webinars on current topics and issues as well as being up-to-date with all of the latest industry news.


Webinars, information sessions


Whitepapers, mini guides, factsheets


Industry dashboards, infographics and reports


Working groups and forums


Operational problem analysis, investigation and resolution

Benefits of joining

Bring additional value to your strategic agenda

Accelerate confidence in open banking and open finance

Improve your business decision making

Shape and lead business transformation

Save time and money in researching

Leverage the experience and learnings of European open banking

Find out more

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