The European Open Banking and Open Finance ecosystem is evolving. Following the rollout and implementation of PSD2 Open Banking, the industry is moving forward. While the legislators review the PSD2 and an Open Finance Framework, private initiatives are taking off.

OBE in

Open Banking Schemes like the SPAA, premium APIs and other initiatives are shaping the Ecosystem. Open Banking Exchange (OBE) Europe is a community pioneering the open banking movement ensuring all Members are consistently ahead of the curve. OBE is a pan-European, fully-inclusive initiative available to all parties within the open banking ecosystem. Members come together to proactively and jointly shape the industry to create commercial opportunities, collaborate, solve problems and remove risk.

Members of Open Banking Exchange (OBE) Europe can access our industry experts and the latest regulatory information, alongside best practices and support. Members are encouraged to bring challenges to the table, pioneer new solutions that reduce cost, and realise commercial benefits driving confidence within their organisation.

Unparalleled Industry knowledge & proven Track Record

OBE builds upon experiences gained and lessons learnt, enabling open and secure ecosystems to be developed across the globe.

Consultancy & Advice

Open finance is the next stage in the open banking journey. It has the potential to expand access to financial services driving innovation and broader participation in the digital economy. Industry stakeholders will benefit from the practical experience of Open Banking Exchange (OBE), which helps regulators and central banks around the world to reap the full rewards of open banking.

OBE collaborates with central banks, regulators, and market participants to set out national and local commitments and goals.

We learn from other regions and build on our work in Europe, South America, and Asia to guide open banking implementations.

We design standards so that they become applicable in specific jurisdictions and achieve the specific goals of our clients.

We provide industry experts to assist in practical and operational design, the implementation of industry-level governance, and technical and operational arrangements.

How we Excel

Membership Programme

Together we proactively and jointly shape the industry by creating commercial opportunities, solving problems, and removing risk.

How to Participate

Join our stakeholder forums and working groups to exchange experiences, identify and discuss emerging issues and raise awareness of best practices

Who can Join

Our regional Membership Programmes are available to all participants of the open banking ecosystem on a subscription basis. Whether you are a Certificate Authority, Financial Institution, Fintech, Regulator, Scheme Manager or Service provider, you will benefit from what we offer.

Benefits of joining

With a wide range of services and offerings to suit different business needs, get in touch today to find out how you can make the most of our OBE Membership Programme.

Gain Knowledge

Our reviews of industry reports help you verify your understanding of a topic and how you might be impacted by change.  

Plan Effectively

Our webinars and all-Member meetings mean you are always prepared for what’s coming next.

Position for Success

Access to our subject matter experts and library of white papers and reports means you can get ahead of the curve and build market share.

Empower Change

Collaboration with like-minded peers at our working groups enables you to contribute to the development of the industry.

Save Resources

Receive the latest information through a single channel instead of collecting it through multiple sources.

Build Relationships

A ready-made network that meets regularly enables relationships to be formed  with other key industry players.

Why we
are trusted

Industry Collaboration

OBE is an active participant in industry groups and forums across Europe.

We work in partnership with ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) OBE and ETSI work together on the promotion and awareness of relevant standards, practices and legislations.

We are in collaboration with The European Third Party Providers Association (ETPPA). The European trade association, representing the interests of bank-independent TPPs.

We are a Member of the Euro Banking Association (EBA) – an industry forum for the European Payments Industry, aiming to drive pan-European payments initiatives.

We are an invited Industry Advisor on the EPC SRTP (SEPA Request to Pay) and a  Member of the EPC SPAA Scheme Interest Group (SEPA Payment Account Access).

Our European Community

Latest News

Open Banking in Colombia: The True Trailblazers?

Day 2 of Open Banking Expo London kicked off with a Fireside Chat between Luis Miguel Zapata, Vice President, Digital Ecosystems, Bancolombia and Lauren Jones, Director Market Development, Open Banking Exchange.

Luis Miguel shared how Bancolombia will be embracing the regulatory aims of innovation, competition and financial inclusion as the market continues on its open journey.

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