Membership Programme

Shape the Industry

Our regional Membership Programmes enable participants of the Open Banking ecosystem to come together and collaborate with our subject matter experts.

Together we proactively and jointly shape the industry by creating commercial opportunities, solving problems, and removing risk.

How to Participate

Join our stakeholder forums and working groups to exchange experiences, identify and discuss emerging issues and raise awareness of best practices

Who can Join

Our regional Membership Programmes are available to all participants of the open banking ecosystem on a subscription basis. Whether you are a Certificate Authority, Financial Institution, Fintech, Regulator, Scheme Manager or Service Provider, you will benefit from what we offer.

“We know from our participation in Open Finance initiatives around the globe that stakeholder engagement is critical to support the regulatory and commercial coordination necessary to facilitate engagement and customer protection imperatives.”​

Envestnet Yodlee

Benefits of joining

With a wide range of services and offerings to suit different business needs, get in touch today to find out how you can make the most of our OBE Membership Programme.

Gain Knowledge

Our reviews of industry reports help you verify your understanding of a topic and how you might be impacted by change.  

Plan Effectively

Our webinars and all-Member meetings mean you are always prepared for what’s coming next.

Position for Success

Access to our subject matter experts and library of white papers and reports means you can get ahead of the curve and build market share.

Empower Change

Collaboration with like-minded peers at our working groups enables you to contribute to the development of the industry.

Save Resources

Receive the latest information through a single channel instead of collecting it through multiple sources.

Build Relationships

A ready-made network that meets regularly enables relationships to be formed  with other key industry players.

Our Community

Become a Member

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